Al-Faid General Contracting Company LTD

AlFaid General Contracting Company LTD
الفيد للمقاولات العامة المحدودة




Organizational Chart

We are Al-FAID Co. specialized to perform Engineering services. We had executed many works through its short time of foundation. We are specialized mainly in:

- Engineering Inspection, Quality control &Quality Assurance (Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical).
- Fire fighting &fire alarm system.
- Welding Technology.
- Construction and rehabilitation of (water & sewage treatment plant, Boilers and piping networks)

Since our key persons and some of engineers used to work in these fields.

Our works follow the international code and standard to perform high quality and safe equipment during construction and maintenance of Industrial plant.

We have experience technical groups have very good experience in there fields and taken many training courses in many specialist organizations such as (universities, Institutes & societies).


- Non-Distractive Testing (NDT).
- Radiographic testing.
- Ultrasonic testing.
- Liquid penetration testing.
- Pressure testing (Hydrostatic& Pneumatic).
- field Inspection during construction & Rehabilitation of Power plant, chemical, petrochemical plant & civil construction.
- perform all the NDT according to ASME V and evaluate their results according to the adopted acceptance criteria.
- Qualification of welders &welding procedures according to ASME code sec.lX.
- Check the specifications of supplied and used material acc. To ASMEII part A, B&C.
- Take the measurement of:
*corrosion in pipes & plate by using ultrasonic thickness meter.
*coating thickness
*spark test for pipe Insulation
*locally hardness checking by using portable hardness tester
- Performance measurements:
(Vibration, velocity, leak test, speed (RPM), flow rate, pressure, temperature…etc.)

B- (Civil)
- Chemical& Physical checking of the row material (sand, gravel, cement, sub base…act).
- Concrete test Compression (Destructive (crush), Ultrasonic, hammer and core test), slump& temperature.
- Checking the construction works and compares it with the Design & applied code requirement.

C- Electrical work

- Insulation test for cable, motor, coil….etc.).
- Checking the construction work according to the technical specification and applied code requirements.

Performance test take all the measurement (current, voltage, power factor …act) and compare it with the required specification.
We have all the equipment and tools required to do the QA&QC activities

2- Welding Technology

- Design of welding procedures for deferent kinds of material, thicknesses & position in deferent welding process according to (AWS).
- Welding work during construction of chemical & petrochemical plant

3- Construction & Rehabilitation
- Construction and rehabilitation of (water & sewage treatment plant, Boilers and piping networks).

4- Fire fighting system
Maintaining, install & test of fire fighting, fire alarm, self-fighting systems & all accessories that's related with this field.
*Reference standards:

We have an agency from the famous Inspection equipment Manufacturers such as (Tone Technic – Time Group- Zweek).
We are looking forward to join your appreciated efforts in rehabilitation the power plant, petrochemical, and refinery project.

Now we have a contract with:

1- GE Energy product Europe to do the "Q.C7Q.A activities in south Baghdad power station".
2- Power world Co. "Engineering Inspection for rehabilitation lf Boiler No. 5 in south Baghdad thermal power station"
3- Baghdad Co. "Engineering Inspection for rehabilitation of Boiler No 3 in south Baghdad thermal power station"
4- South East Taxas Co. (American Co.) "Engineering Inspection for 16 fuel storage tanks construction in al musaiab gas power station".
5- mpe (Turkish Co.), inspection for the welding activities in Al-rustomia &Al-Karkh sewage treatment plant.
6- The pioneer Co.(PCC) (subcontractor of mpe Turkish Co.) to do the Inspection work for rehabilitation of sewage piping network in AL karkh sewage treatment plant.
6- Rehabilitation of Al-Jaded water treatment plant in Karbala beyond UNICEF.

Thank you